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If you’re building a new house or upgrading your current one, why not think big and construct the home theater of your dreams. Make the movie-going experience more than just what you see on the screen by creating a completely immersive cinematic environment. You can obtain the perfect sound, design, and visuals just like a real movie theater with the correct home theater setup. So whether you’re building a new space or turning an existing room into a media room, this guide is for you.

Are you looking for a new home theater design, or are you simply looking to upgrade your seating? Contact Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC. We have years of experience designing elegant and high-functioning home theaters that will give you and your family countless hours of comfortable and stylish enjoyment. Contact us today to get started on your dream home theater!


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Factors To Consider When Designing Your Home Theater

A home theater can increase the value of your house and provide an entertaining gathering space for family and friends. Many alternatives are available when choosing the equipment and furnishings for your home theater. These decisions will affect your budget and the caliber of your viewing experience.

Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC is an industry leader in home theater design and installation. Our many years of installing home theater systems have taught us that outstanding home theater design involves more than just purchasing the most expensive equipment. The following are five considerations you  should keep in mind if you’re thinking about adding a home theater to your home:

  1. Location
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    There is an excellent reason why most people install their home theaters in the basement. It is feasible to keep out a lot of distracting noises and allows you to insulate the ceiling and walls. On a lower level, there is typically less outdoor, making light control easier. Additionally, home entertainment equipment fits nicely in basements because they frequently have excess room, saving valuable living space upstairs.
  2. Layout
    Make sure your room can accommodate the equipment you’ve chosen and that the arrangement will provide a comfortable viewing experience before installing the parts of your home theater. There are frequent architectural considerations that limit the placement of a home theater. For example, a whole wall or half of the room may be off limits for posts depending on built-in shelving, the length of the wall, the size and shape of the room, the presence of windows, etc. In addition, the distance between the screen and the seating area must increase with screen size. Screens between 27 and 31 inches should be at least 6 feet away. Screens between 32 and 40 inches need at least 8 feet of space, while those over 40 inches need to be at least 10 feet away from your seating area.
  3. Wiring
    It would help if you created a master plan before installing the wiring for your home entertainment system. It is necessary to wire every feature from the beginning, even if you don’t intend to install them all at once. Did you know placing multiple dimmer units back to back will lower the system’s total wattage? Are your kitchen and bathroom on the same electrical circuit as your HDTV or A/V receiver? To avoid problems and potential fire concerns, you should get these questions answered before installing your new home theater.
  4. Light

    Light is one of the critical vital factors when designing a home theater. Lighting should, in general, be programmable so that it may be changed to provide enough light for viewers to see their seats well. When the movie begins, though, you should lower the brightness level. Additionally, viewers shouldn’t be exposed to direct eye contact with the lights. You can use a straightforward install and operate a dimmer switch to adjust the light.
  5. Seating
    Your movie-watching experience can be made or broken by your choice of seats. While most people are accustomed to sitting in couches or armchairs to watch movies, home theaters today provide various seating alternatives. All options are available for leather, textiles, modular seating systems, motorized or non-motorized reclining models, and even seats that shake and move while you watch a movie.

A well-designed home theater will offer a transforming movie-watching experience in addition to being comfortable. Therefore, make sure to take into account all of the significant variables while constructing your home theater, not just the gadgets and technology.

Benefits Of Owning Having A Home Theater

A home theater is a perfect way to amuse your family and is becoming increasingly popular. Here are the advantages of having a home theater.

  1. You Enjoy Watching A Movie In The Same Way But Without The Hassle
    Owning a home theater eliminates the need to find parking, stand in line to purchase tickets, or pay exorbitant prices for popcorn. Instead, you can bring any food and pick the best home seats.
  2. You Take Your Video Games To A New Level.
    Gaming, in a sense, becomes an entirely different game in a dedicated home theater. Through the use of authentic surround sound and sharp, lifelike visuals, video games become more immersive. You won’t want to play video games any other way after experiencing them in a home theater!
  3. The Remote Is Entirely Under Your Control.
    Home Theater Design Hilton Head IslandYou never have a break to go to the restroom or get another drink when you watch a movie. When you own your home theater, you don’t need to rush or wait on anyone. You can pause the program, go back and watch that football play, or schedule a long film for two nights. Your home theater, your rules.
  4. Streaming Heaven
    Home entertainment is no longer limited to movies. We could never have envisioned the excellent stuff that Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming providers have to offer. You and your family now get access to indie documentaries, binge-worthy television series, and original content movies all day, every day!
  5. Acoustics And Sound Are Perfect As They Should Be.
    Since sound and acoustics are crucial to getting the best viewing experience, we start considering them early when designing and installing a dedicated home theater. The arrangement of furniture and décor, speaker size, room geometry, and speaker placement affect how sounds travel across space. As a result, you won’t experience erratic sound effects or grating feedback in a home theater.
  6. You Can Use Any Room For A Home Theater.
    Basements make excellent choices for home theaters because they are quiet and dark, but we can help you transform a different room into a perfect movie room. We have created functional home theaters out of spare bedrooms, offices, playrooms, and garages.
  7. Fun With Technology
    Technology for home entertainment and automation is now genuinely simple to use and enjoyable. It’s simple to utilize the integration with technological advancements like online streaming and smart home controls. A home theater combines technology and entertainment for a cutting-edge home for the technophile in all of us.
  8. Increases The Value Of Your Home
    Your house’s value may increase with a professionally planned and constructed home theater. It is a part of a more significant trend that involves converting unfinished basements, excess garage space, or extra rooms into luxurious living quarters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Big TV Or A Screen And Projector For A Home Theater Room?
    An 85-inch or giant TV can be adequate if your home theater has limited space. However, a screen and projector are always recommended if you want a complete experience. In any case, the price is not significantly different.
  • Do Windows And Natural Light Affect A Theater Room?
    Indeed and no. A TV would undoubtedly be impacted even though more excellent panels are made to reflect light away from the viewing position. So naturally, we always advise utilizing blackout curtains.
  • What Type Of Seating Is Perfect For A Home Theater Room?
    What good is a home theater with incredible sights and sound if you can’t sit comfortably? We improve the acoustics of your space so that you won’t have to worry about the size or material of your seats degrading the sound. Want a sizable, comfortable couch where the family may relax? No problem. Want to experience the theater in some contemporary leather recliners? We can also make that work! We create the ideal seating arrangement depending on the number of seats, the size of the room, and your screen.

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