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Modern outdoor living spaces use innovative home technology, a standard in many homes. You may add audio, video, lighting, camera surveillance, and other features to your outdoor area. If you already have an intelligent interior system, you can even link the control of your outdoor design to your indoor systems for smooth control. Outdoor Entertainment System hilton Head

Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC has teamed up with the best brands to provide a luxurious outdoor gateway with top-notch entertainment that is slyly tucked away throughout your outdoor space. Contact us to schedule a consultation with your Outdoor Entertainment System today to learn how we can improve your backyard experience!

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Tips For The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System

People use outdoor entertainment systems more frequently, searching for new ways to enjoy their landscapes. As a result, many technology options are now available to provide you with the best outdoor entertainment as outdoor living spaces quickly become an addition to our homes.

You may create a fantastic outdoor entertainment experience with a high-tech outdoor system that will make your backyard feel like a private theater. Our outdoor entertainment systems at Ambrosia Home Theater Designs, LLC are ideal when you invite everyone to your house for a BBQ, a swim in the pool, or matchday entertainment. We add music, film, and a lighting control system to create the perfect outdoor place for family and friends.

Here are some ideas for designing the ideal outdoor entertainment system.

  1. Outdoor TV and Video
    Outdoor TV systems are available in some great sizes and are ideal for big decks or garden areas. They produce fantastic outdoor movie experiences or the perfect setting for the Euros in the yard.However, installing an outdoor TV system is more complex than moving your theater TV outside into the yard. Instead, use a TV screen designed for outdoor use that can withstand the environment, including natural light.
  2. Appropriate Audio For Your Outdoor Entertainment System
    Ensure you start with the appropriate equipment because audio is a crucial element of outdoor entertainment systems. Ensure your outdoor speakers have waterproofing and UV resistance since they need protection from the weather.Powerful yet small Bluetooth wireless speakers can work well in locations without access to outdoor power outlets (Wi-Fi speakers like the SONOS Move are good alternatives). Still, for the most outstanding results, we’d always suggest a wired setup. What you intend to utilize in the audio system will also influence your choice. Everything from playing general background music at family barbecues to having live bands or DJs perform in your spacious outside area. Use a landscape speaker system for the former (lots of small speakers). Make sure there is enough room (about 4-5m) between each speaker so that sound can flow in any direction. For the latter, you should use a powerful sound reinforcement system with in-ground subwoofers and landscape speakers.
  3. Outdoor Lighting
    One of the recurring problems in gardens is choosing the appropriate lighting. Do you want to merely create an atmosphere or be able to observe what is going on? Consider how people will use the area and how they will need light nearby at various times of the day when selecting outdoor lighting. For instance, string lights are ideal for hanging on trees to produce ambiance and a lovely look. At the same time, ground lamps with flexible legs allow for positioning over tables or other outdoor furniture like seating areas because of their adaptability.Your outside space needs the lighting because it completely changes the ambiance when night falls. Think carefully about the atmosphere you want—a laid-back, easygoing attitude or a party haven? Choose dynamic lighting with many settings you can use depending on your event if the answer is both.
  4. Suitable Cabling
    Before putting anything in the garden, you must consider outdoor cabling. If you’ve just spent money on new technology for your garden only to discover there isn’t adequate electricity, that’s no good! Think about where power will be required and where cables will need to run. Ensure that outdoor TV or video equipment has a built-in cable management system because outside wiring might be complicated. You’ll save time, work, and maintain cable organization.Keep as much of this equipment as possible for safety reasons, and use outdoor-rated cables and connectors if you must run wiring outside. Use armored cable and run all outside wiring through a conduit.
  5. Internet Connection and Controls
    The Wi-Fi connection is probably the most crucial component of any outdoor entertainment system. It is required to access your control system and to unify all of your technology into a single, user-friendly interface. Not to mention the numerous platforms that all rely on the internet, such as music streaming services.

The Benefits of Investing In An Outdoor Entertainment

  1. It Has Appealing Visuals
    To add an AV system to your outdoor spaces, you don’t need to make any décor changes. Instead, consider placing numerous, equally spaced landscape speakers throughout the backyard for comprehensive sound coverage. The entire system will take up very little room in your backyard thanks to below-ground subwoofers, which also ensure that it won’t detract from your yard’s lovely gardens, fountains, statues, or other landscaping features.To preserve the aesthetic appeal of your patio or deck, you can also put AV equipment there. Speakers built into walls and ceilings offer an immersive audio experience without taking up valuable patio areas. Additionally, wall mounts, lifts, and dedicated outdoor TV cabinets can assist hide big-screen TVs when they are not in use. Without a massive screen obscuring the breathtaking view, spend time conversing around the fireplace and looking out into the garden.
  2. It Integrates With Home Automation Systems And Other Smart Technology
    Outdoor Entertainment System Hilton HeadWith a pro’s assistance, installing audio-visual equipment outdoors is simple. We can include all of your AV equipment into your current home audio video setup, which explains why. If you own a multi-room AV system, we are confident that you adore how simple it is to choose music and movies for every room in the house utilizing a single interface, such as a tablet or smartphone. So what makes your outdoor setup any different from the indoor configuration? No matter where you are, indoors or out, you can access your streaming music and video content, Blu-ray players, the radio, audiobooks, and even vinyl records with an integrated system.That’s not all, either. To improve your outdoor enjoyment, we can incorporate additional intelligent features into your control systems, such as automated blinds, landscape lighting, and an intelligent jacuzzi. So spend a wonderful summer evening outside by turning on multicolored LED lights in the garden and starting up Pandora music on the patio with a single touch of your smartphone, iPad, or remote control.
  3. It Can Serve All of Your Entertainment Needs and Is Multipurpose.
    In any season, outdoor AV can satisfy all of your entertainment needs. Are you getting together with a few people one evening? Establish distinct party zones and play various musical genres in each one with multi-room music. Visitors may spread out and socialize in the living room, kitchen, or terrace while taking in a distinctive audio experience in each space.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are The Types of Outdoor Speakers?
    The different types of outdoor speakers are:
  1. Landscape Speakers
    Landscape speakers are a terrific solution for sound distribution for those who prefer to listen in a location remote from your home, like the pool area.
  1. Surface Mount Speakers
    Comprehensive dispersion audio systems, which are most frequently positioned beneath the eaves, offer the best audio quality (porch or patio)
  1. Rock Speakers
    Rock speakers may be placed anywhere and are made to blend in with your terrain.
  1. In-ceiling Speakers
    This style of the architectural speaker is mounted on the ceiling of a covered patio.
  1. Subwoofers
    We advise utilizing at least two subs for even coverage and lessening hot spots.
  • What Distinguishes Sound In The Outdoors From That From The Inside?
    Outside sound energy dissipates very quickly. Therefore, we need several speakers playing at moderate volumes instead of a few playing very loudly to generate a generally homogenous sound field.
  • What Is The Best Location To Place Outdoor Speakers?
    The area beneath the eaves or, even better, in a corner where the house’s exterior and interior surfaces converge will provide some supportive bass reinforcement. For example, under the eaves, an outdoor speaker installed between two intersecting characters will have its audible deep bass output multiplied by two or more.

Why Choose Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC For Outdoor Entertainment 

Hilton Head Outdoor Entertainment System

Since 2000, Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC has been developing outdoor entertainment areas, including outdoor media rooms, home theaters, and landscape music. In addition, we can assist in bringing your preferred TV shows, music, and sports teams outside. Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC will assist you in finding a unique automation solution for every situation, regardless of whether your objective is to host a large number of guests outside or to enjoy a family movie night on the back porch.

We delight in creating and implementing outdoor audio-visual installations in homes and businesses. Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC offers the Best Custom Build Outdoor Entertainment System in Hilton Head and Bluffton SC. For your outdoor television needs Contact us today to discuss getting your project started!

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